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About Us

Sun Star Sports is a multi-faceted sporting goods distributor with a solid presence all over Asia. We provide personal, customized, and knowledgeable service to all of our customers. Beyond our bewildering selection of goods, top notch customer service is what defines your experiences working with Sun Star Sports.

With connection to 114 physical stores and many cycling clubs in Asia, Sun Star Sports has established itself as one of the most successful sporting goods companies in the world. How have we done this? By never losing sight of our roots as a friend of neighborhood sports store. Sun Star Sports is all about you, the customer.

Beginning with our selection of apparel and equipment, which is carefully chosen to meet the sporting goods needs of the cities and towns. We feel we offer the highest quality brand names and very competitive prices.

But what really separates us from the competition is service. All our associates are equipped with exceptional product knowledge that aids them in reaching their primary goal: to serve you better. Browse our site or visit a dealer related to Sun Star Sports today and see why we are the fastest growing distributor in Asia.

Sun Star Sports

TEL: +886-932-661096
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